1 – General provisions on warranty

– All sold products come with a warranty period for each specified product line, from the date of selling.

– Products are covered by warranty in case of being flat, broken or warped.

– Products are covered by warranty during the warranty period.

– During application for warranty, customers are required to present warranty card, when necessary, customers need to present purchase invoice, date of purchase, without concatenation and erasure.

2 – Warranty Exclusions:

– The warranty period of product has expired or the warranty card is lost.

– The product is damaged by natural disaster, flood, fire or during transportation.

– The product is damaged due to improper use.

3 – Warranty procedure:

Step 1: Receiving customer’s request.

Customer who wants to send a request for warranty should immediately contact the Showroom that sold the product or the nearest showroom.

Step 2: Inspection, verification.

The technical department will call the customer to verify or visit the customer’s home to verify the actual condition of the mattress within 24 hours. After the verification is complete, the mattress will be transferred to the company for warranty procedure.

If the product is covered by warranty, the company will provide 100% free warranty.

If the product is not covered by warranty, the company will support in repair at the lowest cost.

Step 3: Warranty & delivery.

The company is responsible for product repair and warranty.

Then the warranted product is returned to the customer.

The customer tests the warranted product

Payment is made if any costs arise.